Grindr smartphone app outs exact location of gays across Iran

Using a public service isn't an excuse for publicizing it completely unacceptable and unexpected ways. Sending him home from the Olympics in disgrace is a fair consequence in my opinion. Share This Post. Oh, I can name a few things, toots! It seems posting the links doesn't work; everyone will have to make their own Archive search.

Tags:   GayGrindrinternetJack'dlgbtonlineprivacyviolation. My Uncle Benjamin got a stunning green Porsche Cayenne Diesel only from working off a macbook… see this googleprojectpay. Sincethere is evidence that police are more intensively targeting sex workers under the  fugur  provision, especially transgender women.

Grindr being used at the Olympics is an interesting story in a very trashy way, as well as the use of Tinder. September 14,

Как только Grindr smartphone app outs exact location of gays across Iran делах, кризис

But the game is rigged for the police. He has absolutely destroyed Nico Hines. Important: Once you save your settings the first time you will receive a confirmation email. Anyone can uncover your identity.

  • Idaho still a way to get the message across? What about the old color and pocket signals from the hanky code?
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  • The locations of over , gay men, across the world, have already been pinpointed by the security breach in the past week, according to the gay European who discovered it.
  • Love in the age of Grindr and Tinder. He is in jail, and was subjected to a forensic anal examination.
  • Idaho still a way to get the message across?
  • We were informed of this location security issue by a security researcher over the weekend and are currently working as quickly as possible to resolve the situation. Which means Grindr users in Europe, America and beyond are still vulnerable.
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That looks very wrong right off the back. You could still group people by their relative distance form you — first to late — without saying how far away they are. The person who discovered the glitch has protected the data so that no one can access who is online in particularly sensitive countries that Grindr serves like Iran.

Clearly you don't quite grasp the situation. They have an easy fall guy, but are protecting him for some reason.

Grindr smartphone app outs exact location of gays across Iran

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  • Tweet. A design flaw in the popular smartphone app “Grindr” permits anyone with an Internet connection, anywhere in the world, to identity the near-exact location — to within about feet ( "Grindr smartphone app outs exact location of gays across Iran" Grindr smartphone app outs exact location of gays across Iran ( 27/Aug/ times unique Grindr users have been localized by now. 28/Aug/
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  • 9/14/ · Well, if we take the app flaw that outed gays in Iran and worldwide (article here), the Daily Beast’s recent scandal of a reporter actively using Grindr to out closeted Olympians (article found here and below), new software developed by Kyoto tech researchers pinpointing folks within feet regardless of app or location setting (article here), and even a murderer in Pakistan luring men to their deaths from a Facebook group (article here) the jury is undecided on . In , Grindr had 4 million users in countries across the globe, with million users online every day. Based in the United States, the app reported usage as far away as Iraq, Israel, and.
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  • When the Grindr flaw was initially revealed by an anonymous gay Grindr user in Europe, the company claimed the breach wasn’t a problem. After a large amount of negative publicity, Grindr turned off. Gay dating app Grindr faces a fine of more than $10 million from Norwegian regulators for failing to get consent from users before sharing their personal information with advertising companies, in.
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  • 8/30/ · I used the fake location app on my phone to see the guys on Grindr in the Olympic village and I was a bit disappointed - plenty of chubby guys which obviously have nothing to do with the Olympics and a couple of headless photos of well toned bodies (which could be the athletes). 9/19/ · The Gulfies didn’t exist. The IPhones, the evanescing clients, suggest the real story: the police impersonated rich Gulf Arabs online, to lure victims to a meeting and arrest them. Between and , police entrapped hundreds, probably thousands, of gay Egyptian men over the Internet, in a massive crackdown.
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